Recommendation to the Health Center Voždovac to cease to organise and perform the additional work that does not met the legally prescribed requirements

Recommendation to the Ministry of Health to rectify the identified irregularities in the actions of the Oncology Institute of Vojvodina

Recommendation to the Ministry of Interior to ensure more efficient reception of requests for issuance of IDs

Recommendation to the Penitentiary-Correctional Institute Pоžаrеvаc – Zаbеlа to Establish the Responsibility of the Officials for Violence against the Inmates

Recommendation to the District Prison in Subotica to Rectify the Identified Irregularities Concerning the Treatment of People Deprived of Liberty

Recommendation to the Security Information Agency (BIA) Based on the Complaint Concerning the Employee’s Rights Violation

Recommendation to the Police Administration in V. to Establish the Responsibility for Committed Omissions in Work to  the Detriment of the Children

Recommendation to the Social Welfare Center to Rectify the Identified Irregularities in its Work

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