Recommendation to the Ministry of Finance regarding the violation of a citizen’s Right to have her appeal considered within the legally prescribed deadline

Recommendation to the High Judicial Council to Apologise in Writing to the Judges Association of Serbia

Recommendation to the High Judicial Council Regarding the Judicial Election Procedure

Recommendation to the Relevant State Bodies Concerning the Forced Eviction of Roma Families from the Block 72 in the New Belgrade

Recommendation to the Directorate for Execution of Penitentiary Sanctions of the Ministry of Justice with Regard to the Treatment of the Convicted Persons with Severe Mental Disorders

Recommendation to the Administrative Affairs Department of the Ministry of Interior's Police Directorate

Recommendation to the Social Welfare Center to prepare a plan of services for the child

Recommendation to the Ministry of Economy and Regional Development and the Privatisation Agency regarding the paying the compensation to the employees and former employees in the programme of restructuring

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