Prokuplje Mayor failed to meet statutory obligation to cooperate with the Protector of Citizens, because he did not submit the requested statement on specific circumstances, even after the repeated requests.

Such actions of the competent bodies violate statutory obligations, as well as the principle of good governance, to the detriment of citizens’ rights, the Protector of Citizens ascertained.

After learning from the media about the alleged illicit sexual acts of a public figure B.I. with a minor, the Protector of Citizens instigated own-initiative investigation and was informed by the Ministry of Interior (MOI) that the it had pressed criminal charges against this celebrity YouTuber to the competent prosecutor’s office.

The Protector of Citizens obtained information from the media about the alleged illicit sexual acts of B.I, also known as "Baka Prase" on YouTube, with a female minor and his confession in the media that he had committed a sexual intercourse with a minor, as well as the misogynistic speech of B.I. addressed to females.

In the investigation of controlling work regularity and legality of the Ministry of Interior, the Protector of Citizens requested from this Ministry to inform him about the measures it had taken in cooperation with other competent bodies relevant to this case.

In its response, the Ministry of Interior has stated that the officers of the Criminal Police Directorate carried out relevant checks and that they ascertained that on 7 and 8 July 2020, "two citizens’ reports were received via e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. referring to a YouTube video, in which B.I. has published the communication via Instagram social network with minors, as well as that he had sexual intercourse with a minor.”

“The foregoing citizens’ reports were submitted to the Special Department for the Fight against High-Tech Crime of the Higher Public Prosecutor's Office in Belgrade, together with the archived You Tube video on 8 July 2020 in accordance with the Article 281, para. 3 of the Code of Criminal Procedure”, the MOI’s answer submitted to the Protector of Citizens reads.

“Regarding the behavior of certain celebrities, which is irresponsible, worrying and extremely disturbing for the citizens of Serbia, we request the competent authorities to take the measures that are on their disposal in order to prevent relativizing such criminal offences against children”, Mr. Zoran Pašalić declared on this occasion.

Likewise, Mr. Pašalić has pointed out that public figures have an increased responsibility for their conduct and every word spoken, hence they should not use their public appearance exclusively for personal promotion.

The Protector of Citizens requested the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development to issue a recommendation to all educational institutions in the Republic of Serbia on ensuring the legality and transparency of school facilities lease procedures, since numerous irregularities in the investigation of controlling work legality and regularity of a school in Resnik were identified.

In an own-initiative investigation, the Protector of Citizens determined that Kosta Abrašević Elementary School from Resnik committed an omission in its work when leasing the gym as it did not ensure equal conditions for all the bidding sports clubs nor did it transparently select the one that will lease the gym in 2018/2019 school year.

With a view to ensuring the legality and transparency of the procedures for leasing parts of school facilities and in line with its efforts to rectify systemic shortcomings, the Protector of Citizens requested the competent ministry to issue to all other schools in Serbia as well the recommendation for rectifying the irregularities in the work issued to the Resnik school in order to rectify irregularities in the work and prevent illegal actions in the future.

In the Recommendation, the Protector of Citizens has stated that Resnik school should ensure legality and transparency of the lease selection procedure when disposing of publicly owned property, clearly outline the criteria based on which the best bid will be selected, provide equal conditions for all participants and a straightforward rationale of the decision made. Rectifying the shortcomings provided in the recommendation reduces the possibility of corrupt practices, and more sound economic usage of the space is achieved when it is not used for teaching purposes, which might enhance the conditions of children’s stay in schools.

Given that the recommendations made by this body are of general importance for the activities of educational institutions when disposing with publicly owned property, the Protector of Citizens expects the competent ministry and the school in Resnik to inform him within 15 days about acting upon the recommendations.

In an own initiative investigation regarding six minors living in Novi Kozjak near Alibunar in harsh conditions, the Protector of Citizens determined that all competent authorities made omissions in their work as a result of which the children were not provided with adequate and timely protection of their rights, which is why the children were left to fend for themselves in plain sight of all state bodies and institutions.

The Protector of Citizens states that the overall (lack of) acting by the competent authorities was inadequate, and that the identified omissions of all competent state bodies have led to the life and safety of children being endangered as well as two children not finishing primary school in the 21st century, which impacted their future and the future of the entire community.

It is impermissible that state bodies, both those handling specific cases and those supervising their work, deal with the mere obeying the form and not with the substantial issue of respect for, protection of and promotion of child rights. Primary point of competent authorities’ existence is to work in the interest of their beneficiaries, citizens and society as a whole.

In an investigation of controlling competent bodies’ work regularity and legality, the Protector of Citizens ascertained that Social Welfare Center "1 March” for Alinubar municipality did not take timely measures within its competence as it did not timely instigate the procedure for separating the child from the family, given the facts that indicated the inadequate care of the mother for the children. The Protector of Citizens’ Recommendation reads that this SWC should act in a timely, legal manner in its future work and continuously take measures within its competence in order to protect Childs’ rights and best interests.

In the control investigation, it was ascertained as well that the Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veteran and Social Policy did not provide for an adequate number of professional workers in the SWC for Alibunar municipality. In the Recommendation, the Protector of Citizens states that the competent ministry should provide an adequate number of professional workers in the social welfare centers, which would enable adequate operation of those centers.

In addition, the Protector of Citizens has determined that Provincial Secretariat for Social Policy, Demography and Gender Equality did not take actions to timely inform the competent ministry on the insufficient number of professional workers in SWC for Alibunar municipality. Therefore, in the future work, this Secretariat should inform the competent ministry about the insufficient number of professional workers in the custody bodies, in order for that ministry to take further measures.

Furthermore, it was ascertained that Miloš Crnjanski Elemenatry School made omissions, as it did not protect timely the rights and interests of children who were denied the right to elementary education due to competent authorities’ failure to act. The Protector of Citizens stated in the recommendation that this school should prevent the consequences of parental neglect and protect the rights and interests of children in future work with timely reactions and further taking measures towards parents.

The Protector of Citizens requested from all competent authorities in this case to inform him within 15 days about the measures they have taken in order to act upon the recommendations.

The Protector of Citizens Zoran Pašalić wished all Islamic faith citizens of the Republic of Serbia happy Eid al-Fitr, with a wish to bring family harmony and unity and social solidarity to everyone.

As he has said, the Eid joy is shared with friends and neighbors and reminds of the permanence of the highest values such as humanity, selflessness and care for others.

Mr. Zoran Pašalić, the Protector of Citizens, drew attention to the increased risk of violence against women in emergencies such as the one with the coronavirus epidemic and urged the competent institutions to develop and advance mechanisms which would provide all sorts of assistance to women in those situations with the aim of empowering them, making them more independent and reporting violence.

On the occasion of 18 May, the National Day of Remembrance for Women Victims of Violence, Mr. Pašalić states that women with disabilities, women living in rural areas and Roma women, who were in vulnerable position before the pandemic, encounter most challenges in emergencies and emphasizes that the consequences of the pandemic - fear, uncertainty, poverty and economic insecurity increase the risk of amplifying domestic violence, which may result in tragic outcomes.

This was why, during the state of emergency, Mr. Pašalić initiated an amendment to the Regulation on the measures during the state of emergency of the Government of Serbia, so that victims of domestic violence would not be subject to measures prohibiting movement. On that occasion, he pointed out that it was necessary for the competent authorities to fully implement the Law on Prevention of Domestic Violence, and that victims needed access to Safe Houses or other types of alternative housing, as well as to other measures of assistance and support during the state of emergency.

A big step towards improving the protection of women from domestic violence would be the adoption of the National Strategy for Preventing and Combating Violence against Women in Family and Intimate Partner Relationships, and the accompanying Action Plan, Mr. Pašalić claims.

Mr. Pašalić further explains that it is necessary to harmonize the Criminal Code with the Council of Europe Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence against Women and Domestic Violence, and it is particularly necessary to consistently, comprehensively and timely implement the Law on Prevention of Domestic Violence and other regulations.

Raising awareness of the absolute impermissibility of and culpability for gender-based violence contributes the most to suppression of violence against women, in which the media play an extremely important role. Furthermore, Mr. Pašalić accentuated that the media had to comply with professional standards and refrain from sensationalism, relativization and justifying the perpetrator in cases of murdering women and other types of gender-based violence.

In 2017, Serbian Government declared 18 May as the Day of Remembrance for Women Victims of Violence based on the proposal signed by 8000 female and male citizens, and endorsed by the Protector of Citizens. The date was chosen in memory of 16, 17 and 18 May 2015, when as many as seven women in Serbia were murdered in domestic and intimate-partner violence.

The fight for eight-hour work and better financial position of late 19th-century workers, continued by strikes and protests against employers in the ensuing decades, had developed from the onset the idea of the inviolability of human dignity and individual freedom. Mr. Zoran Pašalić, the Protector of Citizens, said that we celebrated International Workers' Day, 1 May, in completely new circumstances in 2020 due to coronavirus epidemic and amid the state of emergency in

Serbia which in turn affected workers’ position and he added that the common element of all labor rights was the protection of human dignity, which was not called into question even during a state of emergency. The number of laid off workers, especially in the private sector, was still unknown to the public, while those who worked at their work premises were exposed to coronavirus infection in various ways and unfortunately many had died from the consequences of the infection. Mr. Pašalić underlined that in that war against an invisible enemy, healthcare workers were most at risk, together with salespersons, members of the police and the army, postmen, volunteers and journalists.

Citizens warn of violations of labor rights during the state of emergency, most often complaining that they have been fired or laid-off without explanation, forced to leave their children to go to work, but also to work in unsafe conditions, without protective equipment and prescribed work procedures. Mr. Pašalić underlined that as much as 20 percent of total number of citizens addresses to the Protector of Citizens was related to labor rights.

In the previous year, in the field of labor rights, citizens most often complained of harassment at work, arbitrariness and illegality when making a decision on termination of employment contract, non-payment, or irregular payment of wages and non-payment or irregular payment of social security contributions. Mr. Pašalić highlighted that they signaled untimely acting of the Labor Inspectorate, whose efficiency and quality of work was certainly affected by the number of labor inspectors, which was insufficient for efficient and quality work, and continued to complain about the untimely response of the National Pension and Disability Insurance Fund.

The health and working ability of the work force are critical factors in the overall socio-economic development of the country and the key to productivity, competitiveness and sustainable development, which is why this protection must be given close attention. Even though the number of occupational diseases has been decreasing in our country for years, the number of workplace accidents is on the rise, which is the reason for taking activities by the Protector of Citizens in the field of protection and safety at work.

In the coming period, the Protector of Citizens will pay attention to and protect the rights of entrepreneurs and SMEs, which are a significant factor in the economic life and prosperity of the country. As they state in their addresses, the current situation has made their business operation more difficult, which is the reason why the Protector of Citizens continues to monitor the exercise of citizens' rights in this area as well.



Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Belgrade University, when advertising a competition for the election to the title of associate professor for the scientific field: Diseases of Ungulates, did not act in accordance with the Rulebook on the Manner and Procedure of Acquiring the Title and Entry into Employment Contract of Teachers and Associates of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, the Protector of Citizens concluded

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