The PoC has identified a series of irregularities in the county prisons and penitentiary-correctional institutions related to living conditions of prisoners. The control conducted in the Penitentiary-Correctional Institute (PCI) in Niš has shown that the bathrooms in the Pavilion "C" are ruined, humid, with inadequate sanitary installations and insufficient privacy. The toilets and bathrooms in the closed wards of the District Prison in Novi Sad and the District Prison in Leskovac are also ruined, humid and without sufficient privacy.

Based on the state established during the control, the PoC referred the recommendations requiring from the county prison and penitentiary-correctional institutions to renovate toilets and bathrooms and provide clean and dry rooms with appropriate sanitation, in which privacy is ensured.

The control carried out by the PoC in the PCI Požarevac-Zabela showed the violation of detainees’ rights to health care in the Pavilion VII, because their contact with a physician is rendered difficult, which prevents them from accessing timely medical exams and getting adequate treatment.

The Recommendation given by the PoC after completed control stated that a medical doctor should once a month visit all persons deprived of liberty accommodated in the Pavilion VII, enter each room and bedroom and in a conversation with detainees determine whether they need medical examination or not.

Ombudsman Saša Janković and actor Nikola Kojo are this year's Ambassadors of the "Liceulice", it was announced today at a ceremony organized to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the association. Explaining their decision, the representatives of the association have pointed out that Janković and Kojo had supported current activities of the "Liceulice" magazine, particularly in protecting the rights of marginalized and stigmatized groups and individuals in our society.
The most successful vendors of the "Liceulice" magazine were also awarded at the celebration today. The magazine is published once every two months in 5000 copies and sold in the streets and public places through a specially organized network of street vendors.
Half of proceeds from the sale of each copy go to the vendors, while the other half is used to produce the following issues, for brand development, additional work on the integration of other vendors and various "Liceulice” philanthropic programs.

 Wednesday, 14 December 2011 00:00

Too many people are still not able to exercise their rights, said Sasa Jankovic on the occasion of receiving the award "Person of the Year" for 2011 and expressed hope that the circle of citizens who are be able to exercise their rights will be wider every year. The Protector of Citizens is awarded for his commitment to protecting citizens’ rights and investigating maladministration by public authorities and institutions.


A fully functioning democracy is not only based on the consent of citizens, but also on government accountability and the right to participate. The significant work carried out by your offices embodies these ideas, making a decisive contribution to the daily lives of Serbia’s citizens,” said Ambassador Dimitrios Kypreos, the Head of the OSCE Mission to Serbia.

It is the moment to recognise our winners’ excellent service to the Serbian public and contribution in the fields of human and equality rights and participatory democracy,” added Ambassador Kypreos.

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