Ms. Jelena Stojanović, Deputy Protector of Citizens, participated today in Invisible Women conference organized to mark International Women’s Day by the Red Cross of Serbia and HumanaS network, in partnership with the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality and the Cabinet of the Minister Without Portfolio Prof. Dr. Slavica Djukić Dejanović.

The Deputy Protector of Citizens emphasized that that was the moment to bring the attention to those generations of women unjustifiably neglected, whose rights were often violated, with many of them not being aware of it due to the deeply rooted prejudice and stereotypes in our society. She also talked about the common problems elderly women encounter: poverty, abuse and neglect within their families, including the use of their property without their consent, dissatisfaction regarding exercising the right to financial assistance when they find themselves in a difficult financial and life situation due to non-existing income or insufficient amount of income, and when in poor health, it is difficult to exercise the right to custodial care and assistance.

The Secretary General of the Secretariat of the Protector of Citizens, Ms. Olja Jovičić, and her associate attended today's meeting of the Working group for inclusive electoral process and rules consultations (DICON), the Protector of Citizens being its member.

This was the Group’s Second meeting organized within the Project Do as You Speak, together with Persons with Disabilities, in order to make specific suggestions through the collaborative work of stakeholders representatives with a view to advance the electoral process, and possibly apply these in the coming election cycle.

Ms. Jelena Stojanović, Deputy Protector of Citizens for Child Rights and Gender Equality, and the employees in the Sector for Child Rights met today with the representatives of Save the Children International.

The meeting discussed future cooperation within the project on the prevention and elimination of the consequences of violence against children, particularly children and youth affected by migration. Save the Children International recognized the Protector of Citizens as one of the leading institutions in child rights prevention, promotion and protection and proposed that the Protector of Citizens should participate in this project in addition to civil society organizations and other relevant state bodies.

Representatives of Save the Children International and the Protector of Citizens emphasized the importance and relevance of protecting migrant children from violence, the topic of next CRONSEE network meeting, which will be actively attended by the institution of the Protector of Citizens, both as one of the network’s founders and as a member.

With regard to disclosing the identity of a patient suffering from coronavirus in Serbia, the Protector of Citizens Mr. Zoran Pašalić reiterated that any patient had the right to the protection of his or her privacy and personal data confidentiality regarding anything communicated to the healthcare worker, including information on his/her state of health, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

Mr. Pašalić warns that tabloid-like reporting about a patient, which goes so far as to state the patient's occupation along with the diagnosis, is impermissible, and scaremongering is dangerous.

Therefore, the Protector of Citizens urges all participants in public life not to disclose private patient data; to refrain from scaremongering among the population; and to leave decisions on patient health care to the competent authorities in the health care system.

A woman from Belgrade addressed the Institution of the Protector of Citizens and complained that the written notice on being granted the allowance of assistance and care of another person was not delivered to her for a year due to an error of the Post Office employees. In her complaint, she explained that she requested from the Pension and Disability Insurance Fund an explanation why the notice was not delivered to her for a year. In the response, she was told that after a failed delivery via Post Office, she needed to go and collect the notice in the premises of Pension and Disability Insurance Fund. Since she suffered from multiple sclerosis and had difficulties moving, she was told that she might authorize another person in a Notary’s Office to collect the notice on her behalf. The monthly income of the complainant is very low, so she was not in the position to pay for notary’s services and she addressed to the Protector of Citizens in ordered to solve the problem.

The employees in the Secretariat of the Protector of Citizens contacted the Pension and Disability Insurance Fund immediately and three days after this intervention the notice was delivered to the complainant’s home address. Thus, in accordance with this notice, she can exercise all the benefits proscribed in the law.


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