The Protector of Citizens, in cooperation with the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities – Association of Towns and Municipalities of Serbia, for the seventh time in a row, is awarding the prize to the cities, municipalities and urban municipalities that in 2022 contributed the most to the development of all forms of accessibility on their territory, i.e. in their environment.

In a letter sent today to municipalities, cities and urban municipalities, the Protector of Citizens invited local self-government units to submit an application to the Public Call and thus present and promote examples of good practice in the development of accessibility in their territory in 2022.

The Protector of Citizens reminds that, in an effort to achieve a more inclusive society in Serbia, the award for accessibility was created as an expression of the need to point out the steps taken by individuals and/or institutions in creating examples of good practice that contribute to the quality of life, serve as a model, inspiration and an idea for everyone and as such, are very important for improving the position of persons with disabilities. At the same time, the award aims to continuously influence raising awareness and sends a strong message about the importance of accessibility, promoting the principle of Design for All and creating services and environment that can be used by all citizens, i.e. an inclusive environment accessible to all.