On the occasion of the rape of a girl in the vicinity of Plandište, the Protector of Citizens asked the Centre for the Protection of Victims of Human Trafficking for information on the handling of this case, and launched an own-initiative investigation to control the legality and regularity of work of the Centre for Social Work Plandište and the Ministry of Interior.

The Protector of Citizens, based on information from the media that the father and son paid a sum of money to the girl's family after the proposal, that she tried to escape on the way to their house, that the two of them caught her and raped her alternately in their house, requested the Centre for the Protection of Victims of Human Trafficking to inform the Protector of Citizens within 15 days about the activities it undertook in this case.

The Protector of Citizens asked the CSW Plandište to inform him within the same period whether the families of the abusers as well as the victim are on their records, whether there were previous reports of violence and whether they were considered by the Coordination and Cooperation Group, as well as what actions has the centre taken, in cooperation with other authorities, upon possible reports of violence.

The Protector of Citizens asked the MoI to submit to him a report within 15 days on the actions taken in this case, but also on any previous reports of violence in the family of the abusers and the family of the victim, as well as the actions taken in cooperation with other competent authorities, in order to provide adequate protection to possible victims of violence.