On the World and European Day against the Death Penalty, the Protector of Citizens reminded that the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia declares human life inviolable, that there is no death penalty in the Republic of Serbia and that cloning of human beings is prohibited. The death penalty was abolished in our country two decades ago, and the last time it was carried out three decades ago.

The Protector of Citizens expressed his belief that the death penalty will never be reintroduced in Serbia. The position against the death penalty stems from the universal and basic human right to life. It is also woven into the human dignity of every human being, including the perpetrators of the most heinous crimes. It is the duty of the state to protect and respect the innate rights, universal and basic, such as the right to life, which is also a condition for the protection of human dignity.

By marking 10 October, countries, organizations and people around the world confirm their determination to abolish the death penalty in countries where it still exists and their determination not to allow its reintroduction in countries that have already abolished it.