Фото: Заштитник грађана
Фото: Заштитник грађана

The Deputy Protector of Citizens for Children's Rights, Jelena Stojanović, assessed today that the potential establishment of a special institution for the protection of children's rights would lead to the fragmentation of the protection of children's rights at the national level and would not contribute to the improvement of children's rights.

"Serbia already has an institution for the protection of children's rights in the highest A status, which is the Protector of Citizens. The establishment of a new institution that, in addition to the Protector of Citizens, would deal with the protection of children's rights, especially in times of economic crisis, would not improve children's rights and would represent a major financial challenge for the country", said Stojanović.

At the meeting "Dialogue on the rights of the child – Serbia tailored to the child", which was organized by the association Child Rights Centre, Stojanović reminded that according to the new Law on the Protector of Citizens, adopted in November 2021, this institution, in addition to the already existing Sector for the Protection of Children’s Rights, also has the position of a special body that protects, promotes and improves the rights of the child.

"And the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child recommended that in situations of limited resources, attention must be paid to using the available resources in the most effective way for the promotion and protection of human rights, including children's rights", she said.

Stojanović expressed her fear that, given the difficult economic situation that has gripped the whole world, in the coming years, the big challenge will be to preserve the existing level of protection of children's rights and achieve additional advances in their protection.