The Protector of Citizens indicated that the Action Plan Proposal (2022-2023) for the implementation of the strategy of prevention and protection against discrimination for the period 2022-2030 still contains problematic wording of certain indicators and that it lacks base and target values, and at the same time welcomed the activities prescribed to improve the position of LGBTI persons.

The Protector of Citizens, in his Opinion on the proposal of this plan, which was submitted to the Ministry of Human and Minority Rights, reminds that he had already pointed out the observed problems earlier in his comments on the working version of the Action Plan Proposal, but that those suggestions were not implemented.

Also, the Protector of Citizens believes that for the improvement of the position of LGBT persons in Serbia, the analysis of comparative legal solutions and the situation in Serbia, which is provided for in the Action Plan Proposal, and refers to protection against discrimination based on gender identity, sexual characteristics and sexual orientation, is extremely important.