Although in 2021 there was a shift in the position of LGBTI+ persons with the adoption of the Law on Amendments to the Law on Prohibition of Discrimination and the Law on Gender Equality, the cases that came before the Protector of Citizens show that LGBTI+ persons are still often exposed to discrimination, violence, prejudices and stereotypes, that they are faced with attacks, threats and hate speech and that they rarely decide to report them.

We have a lot of common challenges ahead of us – to develop tolerance towards differences from the earliest age of life, to encourage LGBTI+ members to exercise their rights, to get rid of fear and to support them in this.

Therefore, no one will simply give us an environment in which members of the LGBTI+ population would live without fear and exercise their rights, but we must build it ourselves. One of the forms of support for creating such an environment is institutional support, the Deputy Protector of Citizens, Jelena Stojanović, pointed out today during the promotion of the report of the association “Da se zna!” (Let it Be Known) on incidents motivated by hatred towards LGBT+ persons in

Serbia in 2021. On that occasion, she invited members of the LGBTI+ population to contact the institution of the Protector of Citizens without fear, whose doors are always wide open for them.

The promotion of the report "Data, not bells and whistles 5" was organized by the non-governmental organization “Da se zna!” in Belgrade.