The Protector of Citizens sent an Opinion to the Ministry of Interior on the Plan for the protection of children in street situations in the Republic of Serbia from violence, neglect and exploitation. In accordance with the recommendations issued by the Protector of Citizens to the competent state authorities, in the Opinion, it is stated that it is necessary to amend the protection Plan so that the communal militia would be identified as one of the key authorities in implementing the prevention and protection of children in street situations. Their role would be determined within the system of multisectoral cooperation, with mandatory training for communal police officers to work with children whose life or work is related to the street.

The Protector of Citizens believes that the communal militia should be involved in the prevention and protection of children in street situations, given that the communal militia is responsible for maintaining public peace and order and that according to the Law on Public Peace and Order, begging is recognized as a violation.