The Protector of Citizens, Mr. Zoran Pašalić, met today with Deputy Head of the Belgrade Office, Ms. Nadia Ćuk, her associate, Ms. Maja Stojanović, UNS representative, Mr. Vladimir Radomirović and NUNS representatives, Mr. Rade Đurić and Ms. Tamara Filipović.

The topic of the meeting was the Agreement on the Establishment of a Platform for Recording Cases of Security Threats and Pressure on Journalists and Other Media Actors, which was recently signed between the Protector of Citizens and media associations, groups and trade unions.

Single records and more precise defining of terms that refer to attacks and pressures on journalists, significantly contribute to the establishment of a more efficient mechanism for protecting journalists safety.

Mr. Pašalić stated that he believed that proper recording of each individual case of endangering journalists’ safety and any form of pressure on journalists and media workers would lead to more efficient actions of competent state bodies in such situations.

Mr. Pašalić added that after obtaining the results on all types of attacks, the Protector of Citizens would initiate new legal solutions that would identify and sanction them.