After learning from the media that the representatives of one organization intercepted migrants in Belgrade using batons, dogs and threats and called for the spread of xenophobia, racial and religious discrimination, the Protector of Citizens requested the Ministry of Interior to provide information on the activities it undertook in that respect.

The Protector of Citizens learned from the media that members of the "Leviathan" movement were patrolling the center of Belgrade with batons and dogs, intercepting migrants and threating with a ban on moving around the city, and then posted videos of these activities on social networks. The media also announced that the organization "People's Patrol" on 25 October 2020 organized an action named “cleansing” the park near the Faculty of Economics where migrants are located.

The Protector of Citizens demands the Ministry of Interior of Serbia to submit detailed information within 15 days on the activities it has undertaken and plans to undertake regarding the activities of the mentioned organizations in order to prevent crime and improve security in the community.

In this regard, it is necessary that the Ministry of Interior provide information on how the police intelligence model was applied in the case, what measures and actions were taken regarding the fact that these organizations used batons, dogs and threats to intercept migrants in Belgrade and called for the spread of xenophobia, racial and religious discrimination.

The Protector of Citizens has requested from the MOI to submit as well the data on what prevention measures have been implemented, what dynamics have been applied in the period since receiving information that the events took place on the streets of Belgrade, whether cooperation has been established with other state bodies, particularly information on of police officers’ actions regarding the above events.

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