Today, the Protector of Citizens, Zoran Pašalić, signed with the representatives of media associations and newspaper unions an Agreement on Establishing a platform for recording cases of security threats and pressure on journalists and other media actors. The agreement was signed with Association of Journalists of Serbia, Independent Association of Journalists of Serbia, Independent Journalists’ Association of Vojvodina, Association of Independent Electronic Media, Media Association, Online Media Association, Business Association “Local Pres”, the Trade Union of Journalists of Serbia (SINOS), branch trade union for culture, art and media “Nezavisnost (Independence)” and the Autonomous Trade Union of Employees in Graphics, Publishing, News and Film Industry of Serbia.

Mr. Pašalić said that that day was one of the most important dates in the work of the Institution of the Protector of Citizens and expressed hope that the Agreement would advance journalists’ rights. He also pointed out that the aim of establishing that platform was the formation of a more efficient journalists’ safety protection mechanism, since accurate recording of every single case of jeopardizing the safety of journalists or any sort of pressure on journalists would contribute to a more efficient action by the competent authorities in the cases of jeopardizing journalists’ safety. The role of the media has been significant for the work of the Protector of Citizens since as much as 90 percent of own-initiative investigations were launched following the information obtained from the media, stated Mr. Pašalić.