In reference to yesterday’s lock breaking on the front door of the Pride Info Center in Belgrade, the Protector of Citizens stated that the discrimination and violence against LGBTI community were manifested in different forms, to the point that buildings of their associations were desecrated.

When the doors open to the extremist and aggressive behavior of hooligans, the most vulnerable groups in society, which  frequently include members of the LGBTI community, become victims. Sexual orientation is a personal matter of an individual, but protecting the right to being different concerns each and every of us in the country, Mr. Pašalic has said.  In addition, Mr. Pašalic stated that failure to accept differences and the right to sexual orientation led to violence against members of the LGBTI community and called for a more efficient reaction by the authorities in identifying and sanctioning the perpetrators. Mr. Pašalić recalled that the mentioned attack on the premises of Pride Info Center was the 11th one and that no one was held responsible for the previous 10 attacks.

Mr. Pašalić concluded that our  primary duty was to work on awareness raising with respect to the rights of LGBTI people through youth education, as well as through the education of the police, judges and prosecutors, with the aim of protecting and promoting the rights of all citizens, including the rights of persons of different sexual orientation.