Since the beginning of the migrant crisis, Serbia has indicated a readiness to provide every citizen located on its territory with the conditions worthy of a human being and with full protection of his/her rights. It is important to say that, up to now, more than one million people and children have passed through our country, and despite so many migrants, no one was denied help.

The Protector of Citizens reminds that in terms of external migration, Serbia is traditionally an emigration area, even nowadays when it comes to its citizens it is considered as such. Immigratory and transitory movements are registered both on its territory and throughout Western Balkans. Mr. Pašalić said that given the events that Serbia had faced in the last decade of the 20th century, especially given the fact that over half a million refugees had found refuge in Serbia at the time, we must not tolerate individuals’ discriminatory calls which incite racial, national and religious hatred. He added that someone who had endured so much suffering, as was the case with Serbian citizens, must understand those in similar situations.